UNSTOPPABLE, Learning-Able People
A More Agile Enterprise and Better ROI
from Learning

Upgrade everybody’s learning skills with the SMARTInside Online Course

Without a learning upgrade, people forget 90% and transfer less than 20% of what they learn in courses and other deliberate learning. Ensure better learning in your courses, on the job, and with any resource. Make this self-paced online course part of your organization’s learning strategy to create

the Learning Enterprise. On your LMS or ours, it’s the perfect course to launch people on an unstoppable learning journey in your organization and for the rest of their lives.

Give all your employees a 24/7 personal learning coach: The SMARTInside Mobile App

The app is an inexpensive way to

provide people with science-based learning support anywhere, anytime, in formal and informal learning situations. It also has tips for creating team learning communities, and for helping others learn.

Provide the book, Unstoppable You: Adopt the New Learning 4.0 Mindset and Change Your Life, to everybody
This book is for all employees — a how-to-learn resource, a benefit, and a reminder to live a life of advanced, unstoppable learning


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The GUIDE: Unleash Unstoppable Learners

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Design and implement programs that are learnable while also helping people become more learning-ABLE.

The Learning Professionals Guide to Unleashing Unstoppable Learners is a workbook guide for all learning designers/developers, facilitators,trainers, performance consultants, HRD leaders, to

design and implement more learnable programs while also helping people to help you, the learning professional, to become a more powerful force in the next revolution in learning – a revolution where learning is an ongoing, smart-everywhere process that every individual owns and every learning professional, leader, and the organization’s design and culture support.


Accelerate your organization’s journey to Agile and a Learning Enterprise.

Implement and act on a comprehensive Learning Organization Diagnosis and/or access our decades of experience in organization transformation

  • The Learning Enterprise Diagnostic examines the management and development practices, maturity stage, strategies, systems, and culture of your organization. It engages you and your leadership in interpretation and targeted action planning to launch real breakthroughs in the learning culture and capacity of your business.
  • Engage Pat McLagan as a Learning Enterprise advisor or speaker. She brings over 4 decades of C-Level and total system experience helping lead large organization transformations .
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