Unstoppable You.

Everybody’s book about how to learn in the fast-changing 21st Century where the ability to learn is the key to personal agility, success, and fulfilment

This is a breakthrough book FOR ALL ADULTS by one of the first thought leaders to promote self-managed lifelong learning. After a few chapters on workplace and societal changes and brain-science discoveries that are driving new approaches to lifelong learning, you meet the 7 Practices for mastering your learning – alone and in teams, and when you help others learn.

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Unleash Unstoppable Learners.

The Learning & Development Professional’s guide to creating, implementing and evaluating programs that help everyone become more advanced learners while also learning better in your programs

This Guide helps L&D Professionals make programs more learnable while simultaneously helping participants to become more learning-ABLE (self-managing and competent.) L&D professionals receive tips and tools for bringing a new level of learner engagement into their work as learning strategists, designers, developers, facilitators, evaluators, and performance consultants. There is nothing more powerful than to help transform everyone’s learning mindsets and practices so that they can rise to the immense learning challenges of these fast-changing times. Also, organizations are investing more in learning programs and apps, but not realizing desired financial and learning transfer returns on their investments. This Guide offers practical tools and approaches to lift the quality of learning so that both the learners and the organization benefit, whether the learning happen in your programs, on the job, or on their own.

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Change Is Everybody’s Business.

Change Is Everybody’s Business is not part of the unstoppable learners suite of products, but its message is all about personal power and responsibility in the workplace and life. It’s tempting to feel overwhelmed and disempowered by the

pace of change. But every person is constantly changing – and has the resources and power to thrive in these changing times. But it takes a 21st Century attitude and skills to be unstoppable in life and work.  This book is packed with tips about how to thrive when things change around you. It will help you make change YOUR business – whoever and wherever you are.

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