Make learning your personal competitive advantage – at work, at home, in a course, meeting, anywhere, anytime, with any device.


  • You expect ongoing changes and challenges in your work and life
  • You want to be an unstoppable learner, resilient and thriving in today’s changing world
  • You want to better help others learn – at home, at work
  • You want to thrive in your work, on teams, as a coach to others
  • 5 modules of fully online training, each with Labs (practice & application guides)
  • The SMARTInside App – your 24/7 personal learning coach to use during and after the course
  • Learn at your own pace; take modules in your own order; choose how deep you go
  • Learn while using new thinking, approaches, and tools in your work and life
  • Earn a badge that says you have completed our learning program and its application activities
  • Who you are as a developing person. Explore 9 parts of your learning self.
  • The Learning 4.0 Framework, A powerful, practical way to learn and help others — anywhere, anytime, with any resource.
  • The 10 Qualities you need to have in order to be an Unstoppable Learner – ready to tackle the challenges of our changing times
  • The 7 Practices of an Unstoppable, SMART 21st Century learner – and how to implement them
  • How to use the SMARTInside App, and its tips and tools, for ongoing learning support throughout your life. The App is included in your course fee
  • To bring advanced learning and personal change practices into your life and work
  • Take the actions you planned
  • Use the 24/7 coaching tips and tools in the SMARTInside App as you need them
  • Participate in the Unstoppable Learners’ Network – dedicated to better learning for you and everyone

The SMARTInside Online Course is a self-paced, 5 module online training experience that you can tailor to your needs.

You also receive the SMARTInside App – your personal development coach for any learning situation for the rest of your life

Learning is the superpower that will uplift every part of your life…

  • Your work and career
  • Your role in teams and groups
  • Your ability to help others
  • Your success in realizing your goals and life dreams
  • The pure joy of confident and continual discovery

The SMART Inside Badge is an OPTIONAL add-on to the course. It is recognition for you and a sign to others that you have upgraded one of the most valuable capabilities for 21st Century work and life: your ability to learn!

To earn the Badge

  • Complete and record all Module activities
  • Take several short tests
  • Share each Module’s learning with another person
  • Keep a 5 minute per day learning Journal
  • Complete and record the Badge Activities for all Modules
  • Send the completed Badge Application to us for review

After we receive the completed application, you will receive badge credentials through Credly, the largest and most respected Badge and Credentialing service in the world.

The SMARTInside Online Course

including the App + Badge$376
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