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Discover a new science-based learning approach for adults (Learning 4.0). Explore your vast capacities as a learner. Assess yourself on 10 critical emerging learner Qualities. Learn 7 key Practices and practical techniques to make your learning unstoppable. Get tools to help you apply your new advanced skills at work and in life — when you learn alone, with others, or help others learn. Learn More…

Get learning tips to help you WHILE YOU LEARN anywhere, anytime, in any learning situation; get help when you are learning in teams; get tips for being a better coach and learning guide; download helpful worksheets and tools to support smart, unstoppable, advanced learning. Learn more…

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  • Developed by a multi-award-winning adult and organizational learning and development thought leader
  • Continually updated insights from neuroscience, psychology, and adult development
  • Interactive, practical, experience-based – professionally developed – not talking heads on webcams
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