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Question: What is the secret hack that will make ALL your learning more meaningful, successful, easier and faster? Make every facet of your life better?

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Are your learning skills up to date?  Does your learning draw on recent discoveries in science about how the brain develops and learns? 

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  • Programs developed and directed by Prof. Pat McLagan, a multi-award winning global thought leader in adult and organization learning and development.
  • Thought leadership awards from both business and academia.
  • Based on recent insights from neuroscience, psychology, and adult development.
  • Interactive, practical, and experience-based courses, apps, tools developed by people who are expert designers of courses and learning tools, not just subject matter experts on webcams.
The Course and App in brief
  • The SMARTInside Course: Discover a new science-based learning approach for adults (Learning 4.0). Explore your vast capacities as a learner. Assess yourself on 10 critical emerging learner Qualities. Learn 7 key Practices and practical techniques to make your learning unstoppable. Get tools to help you apply your new advanced skills at work and in life — when you learn alone, with others, or help others learn.
  • The SMARTInside App. Adopt the SMART Learning 4.0 learning approach; get learning tips as you need them – anywhere, anytime, in any learning situation; get help when you are learning in teams; get tips for being a better coach and learning guide; download helpful worksheets and tools to support smart, unstoppable, advanced learning.
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