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practices for upskilling, reskilling, and personal development – lifelong – in fast changing times.

From multi-award-winning adult learning and organizational change thought-leader, Pat McLagan




Unstoppable You

The best from brain science, developmental psychology, and adult learning – condensed into practical tips and tools

Tips and tools to boost your brainpower, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Turn any experience or resource into an opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills– in the flow of your work and life –24/7
  • Achieve your goals for reskilling, upskilling, habit change, career success, and more
  • Get more out of deliberate learning – reading online, courses, coaches and mentors, apps,…..
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Are you a Talent Development Professional?

Better learner skills mean greater program success.

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Everyone’s HOW to Learn resource

Unleash Unstoppable Learners: A Guide for Learning Professionals
  • Teach people HOW to learn WHILE they learn in your programs
  • Insert learner-ability building into your existing or new designs, evaluations, and transfer support

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The Talent Professional’s Job is not just to provide resources and programs, but also to help people become more self-confident, self-managing, and self-developing

Better ROI through Better Learning Skills

…should be given to participants in learning centers everywhere.” Jack Phillips, ROI Institute.
Upgrade Everyone’s Learning Skills​
Use the App and book yourself; purchase or recommend them to employees

Upgrade learners’ learning skills while you do your work

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Why Upgrade Your Brain’s Learning “Software?”
Is your brain’s “learning software” up-to-date for the learning you must do to upskill, reskill, evolve yourself in today’s fast changing times. Is your conscious learning version mainly…

SMART Learning 4.0 skills are vital so you ….

  • continually upskill reskill, shift careers
  • evolve yourself – become the best YOU possible
  • efficiently co-learn in teams
  • help others develop – employees, children, and more

Technology is learning how to learn faster and better, so should you!

When you learn, your brain engages in 7 processes:
  1. Directs your attention
  2. Encodes learning goals
  3. Seeks experiences for learning
  4. Creates patterns that integrate your learning
  5. Prioritizes, tests, and processes information in short-term memory
  6. Changes neurons and their connections in long term memory for future use
  7. Changes habits and applies new learning in work and life
SMART Learning 4.0 Boosts All 7 Brain Processes
Your Brain is a Powerful Learning Engine

80 billion neurons, 100 trillion connections and much more – AT YOUR SERVICE

Brain Training HQ

Unstoppable You

Author, Consultant,
Change Agent, Speaker,
Mentor, Thought Leader

Pat McLagan

The Thought Leader Behind the App and Book

Author, Consultant,
Change Agent, Speaker,
Mentor, Thought Leader

Pat McLagan is a recognized thought leader on adult and organizational learning, receiving top awards from the Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD), the Instructional Systems Association, the Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame. She is one of the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development’s Inspiring Minds for a Century.

A lifelong researcher and innovator for better self-directed and science-based, smarter learning and development, she was one of the first to write about and promote more self-driven learning as a key 21 st Century meta-skill.

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